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  1. Triple Reviews
  2. finally got my estate pipes
  3. What Did You Smoke Today? (Pipe Edition)
  4. Show Us Your Cellar
  5. Questions about cellaring some baccy.
  6. RX2 Man or Guy
  7. Vintage Pipe Ads/Photos/Art
  8. hello all!
  9. what is your latest pipe purchase
  10. That terrible, sinking feeling...
  11. How many open tins do you have?
  12. anything else thread
  13. Newbie mistakes and how to avoid them.
  14. Common Pipe Related Abbreviations
  15. Detergent taste
  16. Newbie Sampler Trades
  17. jaring/tins
  18. Any word on P&C Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky?
  19. Good Smoker
  20. Questions You Thought Were Too Dumb to Ask (Pipes Edition)
  21. Our Pipes...in pictures
  22. How do you pronounce Lovat?
  23. Looking for Will46r....need to complete my end of the trade.
  24. Ageing Baccy
  25. I'd like to expand my horizon
  26. What Does ISIS and the FDA Have In Common?
  27. Hearth & Home Mid Town Series
  28. Pipe Abbreviations, Descriptions, and Definitions WIKI
  29. Does pipe tobacco need similar rest?
  30. Macbaren HH Latakia Flake question
  31. I think I got a really good deal at the flea market today!
  32. Take a Picture of Yourself Smoking a Pipe
  33. Newbie Sampler Trade for Pipes
  34. What are Goopers?
  35. The Snork
  36. Difference Between Missouri Meer Freehand Stem & Walker Forever Stem on a General?
  37. Ipsd 2015
  38. What do you think about Mr. Brog pipes?
  39. Some changes to our Pipe Forums layout...
  40. It's a Miracle!
  41. Piper Edition: Deals, Promo codes
  42. How do You Pick a Pipe?
  43. Pick My Tin!
  44. IPSD 2015 Contest!!!
  45. shopping for used pipes?
  46. What Are These People Smoking?!?
  47. March Meer Madness - 2015
  48. Cobs Cobs Cobs
  49. Inaugural Tobacco of the Month Nominations
  50. My Custom-bilts
  51. Bulging Tins
  52. GUYS!!!! The Smoking Wizard Is BACK!
  53. Repair Sticky
  54. Tambolaka Pipe Tobacco Prep Thread
  55. My Fold-n-Stuff Method
  56. March Tobacco of the Month Poll
  57. Should I buy a Butz Choquin Gourd Calabash?
  58. Wellllll as a new piper
  59. Nording pipes on sale
  60. Pipe Smoking Taboos...A Beginners Guide
  61. Cake thickness
  62. What are some suggested sites online?
  63. McClelland Christmas Cheer
  64. Nordin Eriksen Keystone Pipes? Any experience?
  65. The Other Side
  66. McClelland - Organically Grown Flake
  67. Samuel Gawith and Gawith Hoggarth Merger
  68. The persistance of our community
  69. Meerschaum Repair?
  70. Samuel Gawith and Gawith Hoggarth merger
  71. Having my first bowl
  72. Shank Repair?
  73. Pipe shops in pittsburgh, pa
  74. Topping off a pipe?
  75. Anyone in Western New York?
  76. Ummmmm budget basket pipes?????
  77. Cigarrety
  78. Frog Morton Blends?
  79. How Many Bowls A Day?
  80. Just curious about RG settings.
  81. Tongue Burn, Tongue Afire, Raw-tongue... What is WRONG?!
  82. Estate Pipe Ghosts
  83. Stonehaven and Penzance at P&C
  84. Buying a Briar Pipe
  85. Just Tried Some New Blends
  86. Invitation to Austin Pipe Club Meeting
  87. Pipe Zen - A Thread Based in Appreciation
  88. Casillero pipes
  89. Nana went to the flea market
  90. Listen Up, Newbies!
  91. What's up with this new host?
  92. I want the old smileys back!
  93. Well aged pipe tobacco
  94. Props to Mars Cigars
  95. Tobacco cabinet pictures
  96. The tor?
  97. Peterson Sherlock Holmes Tobacco
  98. I've seen candy cigarettes...
  99. Pipe Finds Yesterday
  100. Calling All Pipers!!! Help Needed...
  101. Newb question about tinned vs. bulk tobacco
  102. Pugsley is Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  103. Politically Incorrect Marketing
  104. Gonna make a pipe wallet
  105. Burnout / Dark Spot - hide with dark stain, rusticate it?
  106. Biggest nicotine hit
  107. 25 years until the end of the (pipe) world
  108. pipe pouches
  109. A BOTL gave me a late Christmas present
  110. Show Your Pipes
  111. Stem polish
  112. My first estate
  113. How many times have you said .......
  114. Free of breaks and repairs and a bargain of a price @ $25
  115. Saint Patrick's Day Discounts
  116. West Coast Pipe Show
  117. Opening a stem?
  118. Saw These At Pawn Shop
  119. Mac Baren's newest addition to the HH line?
  120. Pro tip: Do not...
  121. Tobacco Sale!
  122. Burnt out my tongue
  123. Lighhting Out Of The Blue
  124. Temperature
  125. Travelling with pipe/baccy
  126. Breaking in a newb
  127. LHS Ultra Fine Meerschaum lined 14k band Dublin Antique mall find @$15
  128. Cellar Fool
  129. Crud On or Crud Off?
  130. April 2015 Tobacco of the Month Nominations
  131. ATTENTION: CB Pipe Tobacco Review Bombing Run Version 2.0
  132. Suggestion on a cheapy but Good Pipe Lighter.
  133. Which are your Favorite Cube Cut Tobaccos
  134. Pipe raffle for the troops!
  135. dressing up canning jars
  136. Oops
  137. April 2015 Tobacco of the Month Poll
  138. What is a true navy flake?
  139. Thank You
  140. Tobacco Question! How Many Chances?
  141. Silver lining
  142. Organically Grown Flake - The drawn out smoke
  143. How old is too old for tinned tobacco?
  144. Vote for the Winner of Neverbend's Story Contest!!!
  145. Tracking down some Amphora Red
  146. Latikas
  147. It Finally Happened
  148. ge ting frustraded
  149. Why You Need to Cellar Tobacco
  150. Got bored
  151. Plans for Easter?
  152. Pre Kaywoodie?
  153. Apologies to all for the disappearance...
  154. Attention New Pipers: Even The "Vets" Struggle Sometimes!
  155. Nording Eriksen
  156. Will this pipe work?
  157. judds pens and pipes $10 off...Nording Keystone pipe $7 shipped til midnight CST
  158. Do you use soft rubber/vinyl bits on your pipe?
  159. Which Kaywoodie are you?
  160. Very pleased with first smoke out of decent pipe
  161. excess moisture in baccy jars
  162. Blurry photos in eBay's Estate Pipes category
  163. NFL Draft Contest Sign-ups
  164. Forever stems; to buy or not to buy?
  165. The good and the bad......
  166. How to store samples?
  167. Active humidifcation and sorption isotherms of tobacco
  168. Elephant & Castle
  169. What are some "crap" pipe tobaccos to avoid?
  170. Gauging interest in a Kentucky Derby Contest
  171. 15 minutes of restoration on an eBay estate pipe
  172. What pipe are you eyeballing?
  173. Tinsky Long Shank
  174. Esoterica Mix & Match deal @ P&C
  175. Looking for a few suggestions
  176. The Official 2015 Kentucky Derby "Lose to Win" Contest
  177. Sorry I haven't been around...
  178. Pipe Mud - the Miracle Salvage Compound
  179. That's a Straight Grain
  180. May Tobacco of the Month Nominations
  181. Bite? Sour? Question from a new pipe smoker and a bad taste.
  182. +1 for SmokingPipes.com
  183. Finished My Tub of Chatham Manor. Yay!
  184. May Tobacco of the Month Poll
  185. Catastrophic pipe failure!
  186. Wow, what a buncha snobs!
  187. shopping without buying
  188. Who are the history buffs here?
  189. A great bum
  190. What has kept me away...
  191. Smoking dry all of a sudden, WTH?
  192. I have noticed....
  193. Difficulty finding pipe tobacco I dislike
  194. Where Do I Start?
  195. Squadron Leader + Perique
  196. Rope tobacco suggestions requested
  197. Who here makes his own impromptu blends?
  198. Should army-bit / military-mount pipes always be rusticated?
  199. Interesting and Weird Tobacco Facts
  200. $1 STG coupon burning a hole in my pocket
  201. What is this? Pipe Filter?
  202. TalkingTobacco.com blog
  203. Edgeworth RR Returns with a New Name.
  204. Cellar Tracking - new website
  205. Lane 125th Annv.
  206. SPC Bulk?
  207. Travel purchase tips ??
  208. Hearth&Home Mid-Town Tubs on Sale: $19.99
  209. Pipe Mud - The Photo Essay
  210. Who else prefers a cob?
  211. Tuesday Special
  212. Anyone have any experience with Crow Briar pipes?
  213. Loyatly Program?
  214. Forever Stems
  215. Looking for pipe with big bowel
  216. What make is this pipe with an elephant on the stem?
  217. Memorial Day
  218. Life Without Lutz
  219. Peter Stokkebye sale at P&C
  220. A few pics I snapped at the BC Royal Museum today
  221. Dating Dunhill tobacco tins
  222. June Tobacco of the Month Nominations
  223. Upcoming Contests for the Pipers
  224. Cigar Bum Pipe Tobacco Give-a-Way: Week 1
  225. BryGuy reviews Bob's Chocolate Flake
  226. June Tobacco of the Month Poll
  227. Tips for Choosing a Pipe (beginners)
  228. Buying Estate Pipes on eBay
  229. Watch Out on eBay
  230. Crazy Thread on Another Site
  231. 20+ YO Velvet
  232. Return to Cobs (an informal diary)
  233. June Tobacco of the Month Tie-Breaker Poll
  234. Proper packing technique - for the new guys!
  235. Bobby Owens Pipes
  236. Heart breaker
  237. Who's tried McClelland Blackwoods Flake?
  238. Tobacco Cellar site
  239. How many pipe cleaners do you own?
  240. Oriental recommendations?
  241. maybe you can help me pick a tobacco
  242. Bartlett Upside Down Pipe
  243. Another year older....
  244. Pipers who smoke (or used to smoke) cigars
  245. Do you limit your cellar to Virginias and Vapers?
  246. No Fathers Day pipes from Peterson this year?
  247. Is the seal on Hearth & Home 14 oz tubs sufficient for long term storage?
  248. Did you love Latakia at first, or did it grow on you?
  249. Walker Pipe Repair restoration of a Dunhill Tanshell LB
  250. Opinions wanted on entry level Nording pipes