View Full Version : Pipe and Pipe Tobacco Bombs, Passes, Contests

  1. So...I figured Somebody Should Kick This Off.
  2. I took the first BOMB from Tobias!
  3. Awesome bomb from Tobias Lutz!
  4. Third bomb falls, courtesy of Tobias!
  5. I Got Bombed Today
  6. Bomb Landed!
  7. March Madness Contest?!
  8. Thanks again to the phantom pipe bomber!
  9. Smoldering Pipe Bomb
  10. All I can say is WOW!
  11. Pipe raffle get your tickets here
  12. Bob's Chocolate Bomb!
  13. Tony78's generosity paid a visit to my mailbox...
  14. Noob Giveaway!
  15. My 100th post contest!
  16. Izkeh's Aromatic Giveaway
  17. Someone likes to hurt pipe noobs
  18. bombed by tmoran :D
  19. Pugsley Bombed Me
  20. Friday the 13th Bombing Run
  21. Tobias is a madman!!!
  22. I'm speechless
  23. Another Pugsley Bomb!
  24. Incoming
  25. A Gift From Space
  26. Instead of Commonsenseman...
  27. I got "Col-bombed"
  28. Warning pipe boms hurt
  29. Sweet Vanilla Honeydew Give-A-Way!!!
  30. Here's what my mailbox looked like after Tobias hit it
  31. We have an international incident on our hands...
  32. Pipe tobacco and T-shirt bomb
  33. Hey Jeff, you have about 24 hours to...
  34. Absolutely nuked by Haebar!
  35. Hae-bombed! (Apparently, I have a thing for working in the bomber's name!)
  36. Super Secret Contest
  37. TAMPERing with the evidence!
  38. Super Secret Contest Voting
  39. Return Fire from PA!!!
  40. Pipe Quotation Contest
  41. Clearing out some samples!
  42. Yo, Cardinal.....Duck and cover
  43. Piper Down
  44. I've been hit!!
  45. Mixture No. 79 Review Contest
  46. Generosity abounds
  47. Bombed by BryGuySC.
  48. Welll this just happened (last week)
  49. Super Secret Surprise
  50. Guess Who
  51. I suck...but this is really cool!
  52. Alan sent me something with about 100 years on it...
  53. A Fiend Indeed
  54. Piper Fantasy Football. Sign up here.
  55. Sweet Smokey Sample
  56. Bombed by Alligator Gar!!!
  57. Bruck Strikes Back!
  58. When You Think You're Fireproof....
  59. Thanks to Shemp Jizzle for the Tambolaka!
  60. Want to Thank Shemp and Haebar
  61. Bombed by @Shemp Jizzle!
  62. Bombed by @AndyCAYP!
  63. I got Bro'd Hard!!
  64. It is going to suck to be somebody on Monday :)
  65. Dangerous Storm
  66. Haebar's on a roll !!
  67. Virginia is under attack!
  68. West Virginia also under attack
  69. NeverBend bombs Noob...
  70. Bruck deals retaliatory strike against Haebar!
  71. I was Haebarred!!!
  72. Tobacco Bomb from Bruck?
  73. Internecine Warfare!
  74. Obviously Bruck has been reading...
  75. Harvey (@Lynn) has gone mad
  76. Holy Moly and Man o Man!...
  77. When you bomb droy1958 he fires back!
  78. damn it i was Haebombed again!!
  79. Cigar Bombed by @AlanS!
  80. Chit in my mailbox
  81. Bombed from Nevada.....
  82. baccy bombed
  83. Bombed by Tobias....
  84. Mighty suspicious looking package from Brooklyn NY in my mailbox. Hmmmmmmmm
  85. Shemp strikes again!
  86. Watch out for the Bogie man!
  87. Haebar the destroyer sounds about right
  88. Postal Okie!
  89. i live in fear
  90. An excellent tobacco bomb received from @Desertlifter!
  91. Tobacco bomb from @Cool Breeze!
  92. Stay in the saddle!
  93. Anybody Know What Time It Is?
  94. Unexpected Explosion in Texas
  95. B-day bomb
  96. I think tey're WATCHING me
  97. Oriental Explosion!
  98. Ka-booms
  99. A Homemade Navy Flake Christmas!
  100. The Flying Squirrel gets hit!.....
  101. Mailbox is a little wobbly
  102. Tactical Strike from Haebar
  103. Awesome gift from Haebar
  104. Another hit from South Florida
  105. And another
  106. Come home to a package
  107. Final tally from my time at the NY Pipe Club Show
  108. It's been too long...
  109. Tobacco bomb from cool breeze