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  1. What did you smoke today? (Non-Habanos Edition)
  2. Companies that deliver to Canada
  3. What's Your Latest NC Purchase?
  4. What did you smoke today?
  5. Lars Tetens
  6. Lancero February
  7. Perdomo Factory Tour 4 DVD Pass
  8. Somebody needs to tell JR
  9. Padrón 50th Anniversary
  10. US website/company that ship to Canada ...
  11. The Devil Site
  12. Old Faces New User Names?
  13. Share Your Vintage Cigar Images
  14. What did you do with your Puff "time off"?
  15. Question about cigar age/descriptions on Cbid
  16. You wash up on a deserted island....
  17. Let's start with a bang!
  18. Cigar Federation Mysery Sampler
  19. Aging infused
  20. Favorite Cigar Picture You've Taken
  21. Acronyms taken off of Puff
  22. Glossary of terms ,taken from Puff
  23. Tatuaje Tuesday
  24. Let's have a look inside those humi's
  25. Small batch puff discount
  26. Opinions/Experiences at Davidoff Lounge
  27. Cigarfest 2015
  28. Famous Smoke Shop Cigar Bum Discount Code
  29. Interesting read ...
  30. You can now drink tobacco...
  31. Inktomes from Small Batch
  32. Do house cigars ever compete?
  33. New Cigar Release Info
  34. Craker Crumbs
  35. CheapHumidors.com Cigar Bum Discount
  36. AJ Anydays.
  37. Any of you fellow bums from San Antonio?
  38. Estaban Carreras Chupacabra Chupitas
  39. Contact your congressional representatives!!
  40. So... when are we getting a chat room?
  41. DE/Liga Privada!
  42. Educational Series: Developing and Refining The Palate
  43. Cigar Tasting For Noobs-Updated
  44. Looking for Will46r....need to complete my end of the trade.
  45. Questions You Thought Were Too Dumb to Ask
  46. All my beautiful ring gauge...gone!
  47. Cigar Terms
  48. Cello?
  49. non peppery suggestions
  50. My early valentine's day present
  51. the guy at the shop assured me this is plume
  52. Allright,please explain it to me.
  53. Fuente Friday
  54. Moderate Cigars
  55. Free subscription to Cigar Aficionado.....well sorta have to complete a quick survey
  56. Lighting with a zippo
  57. What did you just smoke, compliments of a fellow BOTL?
  58. Cigar Repair.
  59. Info Wanted Mundo Puro Cigars
  60. Herrera Esteli Lonsdale Deluxe
  61. Tatuaje Noellas Reserva.. what to do... what to do...
  62. Golf and cigars
  63. The World's Most Expensive Cigars
  64. Tat Pudgy Monster (Boxes) on Cbid?
  65. Do we have a 'misc' forum section?!
  66. The C-BID FAIL thread.
  67. Happy Birthday Sanity
  68. Learning the obvious
  69. Opus X No.5 are STRONG!
  70. Swishers!
  71. Help me fill my 60 box humidor...
  72. blue mountain cigars
  73. Not sure where to post
  74. Sealed tubes of kfc delfinas
  75. That Feeling When...
  76. Guitarist93 Macanudo Hyde Park
  77. St. Patricks Day Cigar?
  78. Deals, Promotions, Discounts, Codes, Etc....
  79. Black Cat Cigar Company
  80. let's play a game... help pick tonights smoke.
  81. Guy's Night Cigar and Beer
  82. Anyone tried 1502 Coffee yet?
  83. Ever Consider Being a Switch-Hitter?
  84. Are you picky or not, when it comes to cigars?
  85. Help me decide what to smoke
  86. Impromptu
  87. Impromptu Cigars
  88. Montecristo Media Noche
  89. box split
  90. Mine goes to 11
  91. Cigars International free shipping codes
  92. Kudos to Holt's
  93. Quick to the Bat cave!!!
  94. Growing tougher tastes, and mourning the loss of a benchmark
  95. New Best Aging Non-Cuban; least fer me
  96. Sleepers
  97. How Old Do You Prefer Your Cigars
  98. Do you have the current C.I. catalog?
  99. La Gloria Cubana figurado
  100. How often do you smoke?
  101. Questions You Thought Too Stupid To Ask
  102. La Palina - Brand Discussion
  103. Strange things are afoot with my tastebuds
  104. Impromptu Cigars
  105. My Humidor Project
  106. General Cigar Loses Bid For Cohiba Trademark
  107. If you didn't buy another cigar, how long would your current stock last?
  108. Okay - that just kicked my a$$...
  109. bc8436
  110. cigarette smokers in B&Ms
  111. Lanceros suggestion ?
  112. Cigars on EBay
  113. boxpress your own?
  114. Downtown Houston spots
  115. Great deal on some Nica Rusticas.
  116. Corojos?
  117. Southern Draw Ceegars
  118. I am Legal Again!
  119. Gigantic Cigars
  120. Phoenix AZ
  121. Tatuaje TAA 2015
  122. Black label trading company
  123. Anyone tried a Dragons Milk by Asylum?
  124. Tatuaje vs Crowned Heads
  125. Where did habanos section go
  126. Habanapalooza
  127. Worst cigar you've ever smoked
  128. Cigar that didn't live up to the hype
  129. Recommendations for a Morning Smoke
  130. What's your recent accessory purchase?
  131. gaaa!!!
  132. 2015 Habanapalooza Event in Albany NY
  133. that one cigar that live up to the hype and oh so much more
  134. Best Full Bodied-Big Ringed Cigars for the Man on a Budget.
  135. Show us your stash!
  136. A few noob questions
  137. Experiment: Which Smokes Faster a Cut or a Punch?
  138. Joya red
  139. A fabulous cigar lounge in WA?
  140. CI "Fake" Cigars?
  141. TC order surprise
  142. Things I thought I knew about cigars and how I was wrong
  143. Cigarillo Recommendations
  144. Potayto potahto
  145. Ready for the Slav Luncheon today
  146. Best cigar prices
  147. Des Moines, IA 3-5-15
  148. Cigar and Wine Pairing Recommendations
  149. Padrons preferences
  150. Where do you get your info/reviews
  151. Anejos available
  152. Ashton ESG Box Split?
  153. Half Off 5 packs
  154. Cigar Hording
  155. Mold in the humidor
  156. Smokes & Stinky deal at CheapHumidors.com
  157. I wish someone would stand-up to these people
  158. Smokin' In The Carolinas
  159. Travelling to Dominican Republic
  160. How great is Smallbatchcigar?
  161. B&M smokes
  162. Resting time
  163. What was your Biggest Letdown
  164. Why HUGE $ increase re: KFC Delfinas???
  165. my wife made the mistake of leaving me alone in a cigar shop I don't work at
  166. Happy Wife Happy Life
  167. Are These Decent Yard 'Gars or Dog Rockets?
  168. Curivari
  169. Smoke that caught you by surprise - in a good way
  170. Tobaccology in Manassas Virginia
  171. Who would be in for...
  172. How long will I last?
  173. Should I Shouldn't I - How to decide???
  174. Calling All Cigar Bums, I Need Your Opinions
  175. CigarBid Shipping Trick
  176. Cigars Direct Bracket Challange
  177. Quick Instagram contest
  178. Cigar vocabulary
  179. Best Yard 'Gars That are not Dog Rockets
  180. How do you keep stock?
  181. Which are your Favorite Cigars from Roma Craft and why?
  182. Cigar beetles and humidity
  183. Best Candela wrapped cigars?
  184. Post a Pic of You Smoking A Cigar
  185. Pick 4 AJ Fernandez for me to review
  186. Strength, flavor, body. What is the difference?
  187. Drew Estate
  188. Starting St. Patrick's Day early
  189. Obsidian Half Coronas
  190. Bahia Gold
  191. NC's Similar To CC's
  192. Help me find a sweet cigar.
  193. Where to find 10-packs of Illusione Rothschild
  194. What's new in the world of cigars?
  195. B&M in/near Fort Lauderdale
  196. CAO Amazon Basin
  197. Daughters 1st Birthday in April-suggestions
  198. What's on my cigars
  199. Muwat KFC Review kinda...
  200. Interesting Cigar Names?
  201. Lost A Great Brother
  202. What's Your Favorite Cheap Cigar?
  203. Cello or no
  204. You guys got your golf...
  205. Prohibition box?
  206. Best High-End Mild smokes
  207. My infused experiment...
  208. Catchy Brand or Series Names
  209. RG What is your size preference?
  210. Bands On / Bands Off?
  211. Is there any hope for these?
  212. What we have to lose
  213. This one is for Oderus Urungus, CiGWAR
  214. Buying in US, then pass border to Canada
  215. Little cigars, big quality, suggestions?
  216. Lost & Found Pre-Order
  217. Trust Your Palate
  218. Consumer Certification
  219. Tatuaje, where to start?
  220. Cigar Deal if you're interested
  221. News: Counterfeit Cigars Seized in Florida
  222. Better Storage Temperature
  223. Most Popular Vendors
  224. Wooden Indians
  225. Cigar Rights of America sampler
  226. Cigar ziploc baggies?
  227. Nice Big Tar Kiss
  228. Cigar session with Jose Blanco.
  229. Awesome giveaway
  230. Ever wonder what a 22 pound package of cigars looks like?
  231. Dyed Maduro wrapper
  232. Personal Digger Challenge
  233. Bombed by a guy with a Shopping Cart!
  234. help with new cigar humidor block ops cc#4 disc
  235. Firecrackers
  236. Amazing Customer Service at Small Batch
  237. Opinion re vitolas of Torano Exodus 1959 "50 Years"
  238. Never buying cigars again...and neither should you
  239. Can't wait to try this out - a new Tat!
  240. Looking For A Single
  241. New Crowned Heads LE
  242. Tossed THREE premium smokes in less than a week
  243. Blowing rings
  244. What Is "IT" About Davidoffs ??
  245. Diamond Crown Julius Caeser size recommendation
  246. Nicaraguan boutique overruns, what did I buy?
  247. Good deal on Undercrown Carona Vivas
  248. Where to buy, online, great 2015 cigar calendar ...
  249. Should I try one of these DE flavored/infused cigars, or are they all revolting?
  250. Inventory