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  18. Broken Calabash
  19. Removing Varnish/Fixing Bubbles
  20. Pipe Photography???
  21. A New Batch of Flake for March
  22. How do I protect these markings on the stem when I give them the Oxiclean treatment?
  23. Beware of Mold!!!
  24. Tamper
  25. Now that I see this....carving!
  26. My first built rack
  27. Handmade leather pipe pouch, the early years
  28. Pipe cleaning-The Retort Method
  29. My Ebay briar rehab
  30. How do I get this carbon off the rim?
  31. Question on refinishing a bowl
  32. My Ebay Captain Black Project Briar
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  34. Restoring a cob
  35. Pipe cabinet for my pipes and accesories
  36. Basic Tools Needed for Predrilled Pipe Kits
  37. Broken estate Savinelli - gluing it back together?
  38. Where can I find an inexpensive replacement stem
  39. Kemper Zig Zag Saw K-31
  40. Second restoration: Vintage 1960s Kaywoodie Bent Bulldog
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  42. Question for buyers of whole leaf tobacco...
  43. Pill Bottles
  44. A sticky stem - advice needed!
  45. Estate pipe face lift (Very Pic Heavy)
  46. Pipegar Herfatray
  47. What kind of buffing wheel for pipes?
  48. Cigar Leaf Flake
  49. The Pipegar Ashtray
  50. Meerschaum Refurb & Rewax
  51. burl
  52. Pimpin the Clay
  53. Sandblasted Briar
  54. Auction on unfinished briars - ending soon
  55. Water-damaged briar finish - advice needed
  56. Flakes and Rope
  57. stems
  58. Opinions needed for a new pipe build.
  59. Homemade rustic pipe cabinet
  60. The Burley-21 variety tobacco plant...most versatile tobacco and easiest to grow.
  61. Pipe making... first attempt...
  62. Lets try this again
  63. Poker Nose Warmer
  64. Work in progress Freehand
  65. Quick Cob Mod
  66. Semi-bent billiard with squared shank
  67. A simple reconditioning
  68. Opening the stem and draft
  69. Sources for bulk varietal Oriental tobaccos for blending
  70. Shredding whole leaf tobacco
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  72. Turnin' a Tamp
  73. My First (almost) Plug
  74. Are these pipes fixable?
  75. Beall Wood Buffing System
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  77. Made my first twist this morning
  78. Restoring a Mastercraft Handmade
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  80. Homegrown
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