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  1. Wineador Modification to Prevent Temperature Reset
  2. Let's see those ash trays and cigar holders !
  3. My wineador newair 281e
  4. best new lighter for noob
  5. Herf's Humi seasoning sticky from puff
  6. The "Show Off Your Humidor" Pics thread
  7. What's your latest Cigar Accessory Purchase?
  8. AuTechCoM's New Wineador build thread
  9. <How-To> needed - HF beads
  10. Show your wineador thread!
  11. Handmade Concrete Cigar Ashtray
  12. HF Beads FAQ from Viper
  13. Boveda - how to recharge them
  14. New Humidor - Problem
  15. To screw or not to screw ?
  16. The Stogy Toy Cigar holder
  17. Would a smoke extractor like this work ?
  18. Where to buy blank bands?
  19. Aithos' Wineador Thread
  20. Larger scale storage
  21. Montecristo social club punch giveaway.
  22. Punch, guilloine, V cut or other
  23. Cleaning cutter
  24. New cabinet humidor...finally
  25. A mini fridge dies and a humidor is born!
  26. Desktop humi frustrations
  27. Sauna as humidor?
  28. Thoughts on the Xikar EX
  29. Question about different wood in a humidor and sealant
  30. Questions about NewAir 281e wineador build!!!
  31. Custom Lighters
  32. My new Aristocrat MINI end table humidor
  33. The salt test
  34. DIY How To: Custom Paint a Ronson Jetlite
  35. New item at Cheap Humidors
  36. Nubs In A Pig Pen
  37. Moving soon, any precautions I should take?
  38. Display Humidor
  39. The Full-On Redneck Humidor
  40. How Herf N Turf Seasons a New Humidor
  41. Humidor Seasoning Thread is Back
  42. Got my first keychain cigar punch
  43. I need a good, quality cutter
  44. New way to light your cigar at the next herf
  45. Review: Bobken Cigar Travel Ashtray
  46. Tips on changing a Peltier pad (Thermoelectric Heat Pump) Pic Heavy
  47. Review: Brickhouse 4 Finger Ceramic Ashtray
  48. Review : im Corona
  49. My Newair Build from other site.
  50. Review: Mobile Humidor App. For phones
  51. Anyone tried Heartfelt Humidity Sheets yet?
  52. My New Humidor!
  53. Odor Elimination Help
  54. Best Large Tupperdor
  55. Keeping a 2 cigars humidor in the desktop one ?
  56. What do I do with my footlocker humidor?
  57. My Newair 121E Winedor Build
  58. How are your wineadors holding up?
  59. OK lets give away some Stogie Toys and some Cigars!
  60. What's the best hygrometer out there?
  61. New storage tub
  62. Wineador Information
  63. Kitty litter ??
  64. My drawers arrived!
  65. What did you put in the HUMI today thread?
  66. What's Your Latest Accessory Purchase?
  67. Question regarding Newair (perhaps other) Wineadors.
  68. How many cutters/lighters do you have?
  69. Long, round, firm, porous containers for kitty litter
  70. Save those cigar boxes
  71. Has Anyone Used a Cigar Piercer?
  72. Boveda Sale
  73. American Thunderbird Flints
  74. Do you always purge?
  75. Got a lighter with some "Character"?
  76. Long Term Cigar Preservation ??
  77. Caliber IV temperature fluctuation issue
  78. New Cigar Humidor Capacity Calculator
  79. What Lighter Is This?
  80. Tupperdor Question
  81. Understanding Storage
  82. Help with Wineador build.
  83. new lighter?
  84. What do you use when you travel?
  85. Monte Cristo Social Club
  86. Mo Smoke cigar lounge (Home cigar room)
  87. Daniel Marshall 30125 unboxing
  88. Taking Torch Lighter on Airlines: Colibri Tranzpack
  89. Old cigar tubes repurposed
  90. Tupperdor upgrade to Spanish Cedar Trays and more Kitty Litter
  91. Question about Temp Reading Display on Wineador
  92. Triple Travel Accessory Combo from Cheaphumidors
  93. Shout out to Kayla and Cheaphumidors
  94. CC-300 upgrade from Tupperdor
  95. Battery powered fan for mini fridge
  96. CHEAP Storage suggestions
  97. Humidor with poor seal
  98. Happy new accessory day
  99. Tight Draw
  100. Best travel humidors?
  101. Get $10 back at Air-N-Water
  102. AuTechCoM's Step By Step Newair AW-280e guide
  103. Zippo Jet Converter
  104. XiKar Digital Round Hygro Issue
  105. New Boveda Humidor
  106. Age old question--decent hygrometer
  107. How Much Humidification?
  108. Need a lighter reccomendation
  109. The Why's Behind The Hows - Cigar Storage
  110. What accessory would you like to see on the market
  111. Capacity and Volume
  112. Recharging Boveda
  113. Turning on a wineador question
  114. Plastic ammo can as a humidor
  115. Classy Ghetto Storage
  116. Wineador drawer question
  117. Show Off Your Cutter / Lighter / Accessory
  118. Wineador is finally done
  119. Storage Solution!!
  120. What to do with my humidors
  121. Shopping Savoy
  122. Humidor temperature?
  123. Tiny wineador questions
  124. Zederkof Hygrometer
  125. Cabinet build from scratch, will end with sale of my Birdseye Maple Wineador drawers
  126. Disney Tobacciana ...
  127. Wineador Drawers vs. Shelves
  128. Which Type of Cutter
  129. First Coolerdor advice
  130. Time to upgrade storage
  131. Improving cheap humidors
  132. Dual purpose storage.
  133. Refilling lighters
  134. Thermoelectric vs compressor
  135. How many lbs beads needed?
  136. Your accessory evolution
  137. New Drawers
  138. How accurate is your hygrometer?
  139. Wineador lock?
  140. Wood for wineador
  141. And the Wineador project begins
  142. Burn it with fire!
  143. Punch Diameter
  144. Short sleeved shirts, color white
  145. humi care customer service?
  146. Now what...?
  147. Room 101 Big Payback...Payback
  148. Humidity Advice
  149. Heartfelt Beads turned Yellow!!
  150. Cheaphumidors Customer Service
  151. Kayla's humi seasoning video
  152. Interesting cigar box on eBay
  153. My New (antique) Humidor
  154. Me New Wineador Newair 281
  155. Think I found a new humi
  156. Where To Smoke App
  157. Sour Tupperdor Odor
  158. Received wrong lighter... should I return?
  159. How important is maintaining a steady temp
  160. Just finished my humidor project using a wood crate for cannon ammo
  161. New Humidor
  162. Vintage tool every cigar lover needs
  163. Wineador build
  164. Avallo Cabinets
  165. Just read sticky about the How's and Why's of cigar storage
  166. Fun little box for carrying a few cigars
  167. Scored a sweet deal at a local flea market this weekend!
  168. SeanTheEvans Wineador Build Thread
  169. Treasure Dome
  170. Boveda Placement
  171. Build A Humidor?
  172. Butane, oh lovely butane!
  173. Hitting the Reset button
  174. Cigar Apps I Found
  175. Spanish cedar in coolidors
  176. Golf Themed Cigar Accessories
  177. Overflow Is Soon On Its Way
  178. Soft Flame Lighters
  179. Can you id this table top lighter?
  180. Recharging Boveda packs & brown water
  181. Avalon Bay wine coolers
  182. Humidor interior veneer
  183. Bugatti CEO Black Premium For $19 on amazon right now!
  184. BlueDevil07 Wineador Build
  185. CigarBum Business Cards
  186. Wineador temperature & RH levels
  187. Golf Accessories
  188. Ruined Herf-a-dor
  189. New Humidor
  190. Drawer Inserts
  191. Lighters
  192. My birthday present from my wife!!!
  193. Traditional Humi & Beads
  194. Thunderbird Zippo inserts-
  195. What Do You Keep or Carry Your Accessories In?
  196. Check Out Bruck's New Humi
  197. Cheap Humidors humidity beads
  198. My NewAir setup (pic heavy)
  199. Cigar Box Projects
  200. Soooo.... Out of curiosity
  201. Wtf?!
  202. John's Woodworks new website
  203. Desktop humidor temperature control
  204. Will this work?
  205. This may be a dumb question
  206. My New Project
  207. How far off have you been?
  208. High humidity issues.
  209. John Nelson
  210. Refinishing An Old Humidor?
  211. Clogging
  212. Out Of Round Punch
  213. Looking To Upgrade My Cutter & Torch
  214. What did accessory did Santa bring you this year
  215. Testing Hygro
  216. Finally time to get a new lighter, suggestions?
  217. Humidor charging question
  218. Wineador temp swings
  219. Cheap V cutter
  220. Cigar Bum Hats
  221. My Turn
  222. Wineador Question
  223. Can Boveda Packs be Recharged?
  224. Bad Santa
  225. Lighter won't light
  226. Cool Cutter
  227. Humidor Upgrades
  228. Good deal on a wineador ready to go from Costco.
  229. Suggestions on a dry box?
  230. Youtube Meditation
  231. Colibi Lighter Question
  232. Govee Mini Thermometer/Hygrometer
  233. Dumbest Cigar Thing You've Ever Spent Money On?
  234. Hygrometer Calibration
  235. Humidification question
  236. Drymistat leak onto cigars
  237. Humidors and high Temperatures in San Jose, CA
  238. Caseti V-cutter
  239. Who uses an cigar based apps on their phone?
  240. Do you collect cigar related trinkets? Is there a market for Nubbers/Draw tools?
  241. Fridge as a storage option? Read completely.
  242. So far not happy with xikar new rma process
  243. Cigar smell mitigation
  244. Cologne/Scent
  245. First shot at making an ash tray.
  246. Scratch/Dent Wine cooler
  247. Outdoor Deck A/C
  248. Moving over my cigar collection from tupperware to electric humidor. Pics and review!
  249. I need a new cutter and as always, Iím conflicted...
  250. What do you light your cigar or pipe with?